We are located at 3155 Williams Road
North East, PA  



  REFIT is a great introductory class to get you started! 814.392.8831 you can call or text. 

 You can also email nextpagefitness@yahoo.com

CURRENTLY - THERE IS NOT A REFIT SESSION RUNNING.  In order to have a session of REFIT we need 4 people signed up.  I have 2 people interested.  If you are interested please contact 392-8831.  I can add your name to the list and if we get 4 people we will run the session.

Refit is on Tuesday and Thursdays' 

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Here is what REFIT member Roberta Szwejbka says about class, "I call REFIT my happy hour! I thoroughly enjoy REFIT, the instructors, the class participants and of course the results!"

What is RE-FIT?  It is a less intense class then our regular boot camp.  It serves two purposes.  One, for someone who is looking for a good introduction to boot camp, this is a good place to start. Our goal is to get you familiar with our system, our exercises and gradually move you out of RE-FIT into a regular boot camp. The second purpose is for the person who needs a less intense workout, possibly due to a prior injury or maybe suffers from arthritis or other health issues that may slow you down.  Our goal for this member is improve their overall fitness levels but without the intensity, the jumping, our higher level exercises in a regular boot camp.

What a GREAT event!  Our members with their families and friends raised $3,627 for Veterans! We also did 4,569 push-ups. Thank you to everyone who did push-ups, who donated, who counted and supported this event!  

We also did Pushups For Charity at the North East School District.  Students from Kindergarten through Seniors!  Here are their totals:

Total Push-ups for NESD        50,955

Total Donations for NESD        $545.00

Thank you to the North East School District for joining us for Pushups For Charity!

Total raised was $4,172!


ATTENTION MEMBERS: Please follow the directions on the left to receive important text or email messages from NPF.  If we have any last minute messages that we need to send out to all members it is important that you join this service.  If you have any questions about using it please let us know.


 Thank you to everyone who came out to support Noah and everyone who dropped off and mailed in donations!  Thank you to my staff, Sherry, Kira, Tracy and Chris and to all of the Next Page Fitness Members.  Thank you to the following people for their support and or donations:  Team Adrenaline, Tracy Jenks and The North East News Journal, Gannon University Exercise Physiology Professors and Student Club, Suzi Kitts, Bill Kappel, Deby Wright, Darlene Orscheck, North East School District and Grape Country Market.


Contact Next Page Fitness -  Call or text 392-8831 or email nextpagefitness@yahoo.com