"As a coach I wanted to challenge my players and get them in better shape for the season.  The class is structured and run in a professional manner that creates a workout that is challenging and promotes a sense of accomplishement when finished.  The girls encouraged and cheered each other on and sang with the music too!

My team loved it so much that we are going back for more!"

                    - North East Girls Volleyball Coaches

"Both the girls and I loved the challenge we were put through during boot camp!  Normally their preseason consists of all running but this year I wanted to give them strength and core as well.  I really noticed a difference in their game and the girls were begging me to go back for more.  The music and environment made it fun for all and it is definitely something that will turn into a preseason tradition for the girl's soccer team!"


                                                          -Lauren Christy

                                                 North East Girls' Soccer


 2013 District 10 CHAMPS!


"Our girls' basketball team began attending Next Page Fitness boot camp last summer and continued through out our entire season.  Not only did the players enjoy the different workouts, they asked for more intensity and difficulty as they began to see results in their cardio and core strength.  Equally important they saw a boost in their self confidence as their fitness levels climbed.  We said it many times during the season, but especially in our play off run that there was no team that we would play that was in better shape than us and it showed in every game!  I also believe that the program helped us in reducing injuries.  I see the workouts as preventative as well.  We will continue to use Next Page Fitness every year! I recommend it to any team and or athlete that truly wants to improve all aspects of conditioning.  It was fun, the players loved the music and the challenge of each session!"


-Terry Frontino

Head Coach North East Girl's Basketball


North East Girls' Basketball will be doing a 10 minute TABATA everyday at practice ALL season! 



2014 P.S.A.C Champions

2014 NCAA Atlantic Region Champions

2014 NCAA Elite Eight


"In our pre-season conditioning work-out sessions we needed to incorportate some new and innovative challenges.  Next Page Fitness gave us interval training methods that worked our players very hard and raised their heart rates to an optimal performance level.  There was a definite improvement in our players' fitness levels and allowed us to progress to a higher training level.  The best part of the program was that it was constantly changing to keep our players' interest at a high motivational level.  The music that was used was very good and relevant to the program.  The program is a great foundation of fitness to incorporate prior to specific skill instruction of any particular sport.  Next Page Fitness will only enhance our Women's Basketball Program.  It can be used with an individual player or an entire team to improve fitness levels for each athlete.  We loved it and hope to continue it in the future with more commitment to a greater fitness foundation for our players prior to regular basketball season."


                                                                                  Coach Stan Swank

                                                                                  Head Coach Edinboro University Women's Basketball

Next Page Fitness is proud to announce they are teamed up once again with EUP Women's Basketball!  We are running the women's 16 week, 2016 summer workouts.  We are very excited about this and can't wait to report back on their progress!

 Edinboro University Women's Softball










If you are interested in having Next Page Fitness train your team please contact Dawn.

                             814 392 8831 or email   nextpagefitness@yahoo.com

We can set up a class time just for your team or we can come to your facility and train at your site.

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