Please click on the link below to read what NPF member TINA SLANEY had to say about how Next Page Fitness helped her to WIN - Weigh In Erie.  Congrats to her on a job well done!


Photo courtesy of Chris Skrekla and North East News Journal

"When I went to my first class at NPF, I joked with my wife about "going to aerobics", but that was the farthest thing from the truth.  The classes are intense but fun, and provide a way to get a great workout in a short a mount of time.  NPF has been essential in my journey to become healthier and happier with myself.  The classes provide a complete and efficient workout as well as the ability to surround yourself by people that have a positive outlook and becoming healthier"  

                                      - Jeff Stephen



"I was somewhat hesitent initially to do a "class" type workout.  I had never done a "class" before and thought they were geared more toward women.  Now after two months I am hooked on the "class" format!!  For years I lifted weights off and on doing the same basic workout from high school (when Ronald Reagen was President!!) with some occasional running or biking but the great thing about "boot camp" is getting the cardio and strength training in the same workout.  Dawn also does a GREAT job of mixing up the workouts so they are not boring.

The other stereotype I had about an exercise class was that everyone would either be way too advanced for me or maybe just beginning and hold me back but that is definitely not the case at all.  With the suspension bands everyone goes at their own intensity level.  Some of the exercises I go really hard and others, like core, I struggle with but am improving.  The other great thing is during the class I do exercises/movements I just would not do on my core....but know that I need to.

I LOVE the Boot Camp!! Dawn converted me!"

- Greg Deemer



"I have battled my weight all my life.  I have lived on a perpetual yo-yo of losing weight only to eventually gain it back and then some.  In January 2012, I made the decision AGAIN that I had to do something.  My 40th birthday was just 2 years away and I didn't want to be fat and 40.  I joined Weight Watchers (AGAIN) and was on my way to losing weight.  Each time I have lost weight, I realize that eating less in only one component.  I have to move more too.  With hard work and exercise, the weight started coming off and I was excited about the new smaller sizes but not so excited about the untoned skin that was left.  Dawn had opened Next Page Fitness and I was intrigued by it but intimidated because I thought that everyone would be super fit athletes and I would NEVER be able to keep up.  She finally convinced me to come try it and I was happy to find people of all ages, sizes, shapes and athletic levels there.  I quickly realized that EVERYONE can do boot camp when you customize it to your own abilities and go at your own pace.  I quickly fell in love with the large variety of workouts and the support system of those sweating right beside me.  Everyone works together to motivate each other to push harder and reach their goals.  I was starting to see muscle definition and toning in places that I had never seen before!  I was able to hit my goal weight in February of 2013 with the help of Next Page Fitness workouts.  I am happy to report too that I have been able to maintain that weight loss for over a year now and when I turned 40 in March, I was 40 and FIT!!!!  I am in the best shape of my life and can attribute a lot of it to my workouts at Next Page Fitness."

                                                  - Jen Kemp


"Anyone who knows me, knows how skinny I was in high school, and knows how much weight I've gained since then.  My weight has been a struggle for 10 years, and I have tried numerous fitness and weight loss programs, with little or no success.  I LOVE Next Page Fitness Boot Camp!   The members are encouraging, and there truly is a friendly, fun atmosphere!  There is never any judgement, only encouragement.  I have lost weight, and gained muscle, as well as regaining my self confidence.

I strongly encourage anyone to try it - your first time is free, what've you got to lose?"


                                     - Tracy Beckman



Here is what Rebecca Kelly had to say about the dinner meal plan:


"I tried the recipe for the butternut squash, and while at the grocery store I snagged a spaghetti squash also.  Both are super delicious.  I want to try the kale this coming week....I am also trying the lamb recipe from a few weeks ago.  I've done several of the meat dishes, they are really tasty and a great way to mix up what I am use to cooking."


                                    -Rebecca Kelly




Jen Devore - Harborcreek

"If you have not tried a class at Next Page Fitness (NPF), do not wait another day!! I cannot say enough about the workout, the instructors or the members! When I first started at NPF, I didn't know what half of the moves were and I certainly was not in shape to complete the workout at a high intensity.  I was overweight and out of shape.  I should also mention that I didn't know anyone there and I felt completely welcome.  The amount of support and encouragement that I received (and still do!) from everyone is absolutely wonderful!  If I struggled with a move (and I did), I was given alternate moves and encouragement.  I never once felt intimidated or out of place, just completely supported in my quest for improved fitness and weight loss.  Before long, I got stronger and more fit and could master more and more of the workout.  I am down 63 pounds and have never felt better.  I actually have muscle tone in my arms!! I have never had that!!  The workouts are challenging (you feel amazing afterwards!),  but offer a variety of different options for each exercise so that it is tailored to individual fitness levels.  NPF also offers the opportunity to participate in different challenges and events.  For example, I participated in the 3 Mile Isle beach obstacle course as a part of a group sign up through NPF.  It was nice to have a group to belong to because none of my friends were crazy enough to do it.  What an amazing experience!  The instuctors prepared us for the course by offering training above and beyond the gym hours.  It was so fun to cheer each other on and share in our accomplishments.  I never would done that alone and I am so glad I did.  If you are thinking about making a change, you must try a class at Next Page Fitness!  You won't regret it.  The first class is FREE!

                                           - Jennifer Devore

Jen Devore is now a Next Page Fitness Instructor!  After years of hard work, dropping the weight, but most of all toning up, she has become a certified fitness instructor!  NPF is very happy to have her join our staff!

"As a 21 year old triathlete, I was looking for a strength training routine to support swimming, cycling, and running but I wasn't interested in maxing out my bench press next to guys that couldn't lift their arms above their heads.  After about a year of inefficiently trying to parse together online workouts, I began looking for an established local fitness program.  I found out about Next Page Fitness while talking with family and friends about what was working for them.  I was hesitant to join at first as I hadn't been a fan of group workouts since high school but knew that if I wanted to achieve my fitness goals (sub 6hr. Half Ironman), I would have to step out of my comfort zone.  After my first class however, my doubts were erased.  My fellow classmates were welcoming and inclusive and the instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and motivating.

During the first couple of weeks, I was continuously served large pieces of humble pie.  Whatever air of endurance arrogance I had from standard triathlon training was smashed by heavy legs and burning lungs during boot camp sessions.  I noticed significant improvements in my conditioning after a few weeks of boot camp and was able to excel in my other workouts. Now in my fourth month of classes, I have seen exponential gains in my overall fitness level and am excited to tackle faster paces and longer distances.  The cross training opportunity boot camp offers also allows me to expand aerobic fitness without over training in other disciplines.  Boot camp has become my go to cross training program because of its high intensity and extremely versatile workouts.  The program is conducive to all fitness levels and age categories.  Whatever your fitness goals, Next Page Fitness can help you achieve them!"

                                                               - Louis Neff

Selleena Ellsworth - Lead Singer of Small Town Revolution

Update on her one year anniversary of joining NPF here are her results!!!

18.5 inches lost (total from measurements taken from the arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves)  5 inches from her waist!

22.7 Pounds lost.

"I have never stuck to a workout program in my life.  Hitting one year is a great feeling and it's because of Next Page Fitness.  The classes are fun, every workout is different.  The trainers are wonderful and everyone was welcoming and helpful from day one.  You go at your own pace but push yourself as you go.  I feel strong and healthy and look forward to each class!"


Please note:  These are not "stock images" that you can find on the internet like other gyms may use.  These are REAL people living in our community and surrounding communities.  You will see them at the gym and they will be working out with you and encouraging you to help you achieve your goals!

See the example below, those are professional fitness models.  Not people who are attending their workouts. 



Janet Haeseler

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